The ZeroTech range of rifle scopes was launched by TSA recently.  They are a well appointed scope with high clarity optics.

Of the range of brands and their respective models that are available to the Australian consumer, only a small percentage are able to withstand the rigors of a spring piston air rifle.

I am aware that Mr John Hodson of TSA had mounted one on his Weihrauch HW97K.  The power output from this rifle is in the order of 14-15 fpe OEM (1000fps).  That particular scope had survived the ordeal.  I felt that it was pertinent that the ZeroTech be tested with a magnum style air rifle given that the majority of spring piston air rifles available to the Australian consumer are of the “high power and high velocity” variety.


The Scope

The scope that has been tested was a ZeroTech Thrive 3-9×40 with Duplex reticle; base model from the range.



To ensure that the scope being tested hadn’t been previously compromised, it was initially assessed on a recoilless Weihrauch HW110 ST PCP.  It was then mounted on to a Hatsan 125 .22 calibre spring piston rifle.  The final assessment was the scope remounted on the HW110 ST.

  • Thrive 3-9×40 mounted on a HW110 ST and assessed for tracking adjustments after roughly being sighted in at 30m.

target 1


  • The scope was the removed and mounted on a Hatsan 125 magnum spring piston rifle.  This rifle was chosen as its power output was in excess of 22 fpe and already had a proven track record of compromising the integrity of several other scopes.



  • Approximately 450 – 500 pellets were fired through the rifle; some at targets but the majority into a pellet trap for expediency of testing. This was done over a period of approximately a month.
  • To verify that the scope had not suffered any damage or compromised in any way, it was remounted on to the HW110 ST.
  • The scope was then re-sighted at 30m and its tracking tested.

target 2



After using the scope that had been supplied by TSA, I am able to confidently state that the Thrive 3-9×40 was able to withstand the heavy double recoil of the Hatsan 125.

Its ability to retain zero and to consistently repeat elevation and windage adjustments were NOT compromised.

I am pleased that I can recommend the use of the Thrive on Magnum Spring Piston rifles; without prejudice.


Geoff Cheah

Airgun Sports Australia

15th June 2020

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