Welcome to our FAQ page! At ZeroTech Optics, we’re dedicated not just to crafting superior rifle scopes, but also to empowering our customers with the knowledge they need. Whether you’re curious about our manufacturing origins, the technicalities of parallax, or the best practices for mounting and leveling your scope, we’ve got you covered. Dive into our frequently asked questions below for detailed insights into our products and best practices.

Parallax in rifle scopes refers to the apparent movement of the reticle in relation to the target when the shooter’s eye moves off the centerline of the scope. ZeroTech scopes are designed to minimize parallax errors, ensuring accurate shots every time.

A rifle scope consists of several parts including the objective lens, eyepiece, reticle, turrets, and tube. Each part plays a crucial role in ensuring clarity, accuracy, and durability. ZeroTech Optics prides itself on producing high-quality rifle scope components that are manufactured to the highest specifications ensuring precision and reliability in every product.

The 3-9x40mm specification indicates a variable magnification scope that can adjust from 3x to 9x with an objective lens diameter of 40mm. It’s a versatile choice suitable for various shooting conditions and ZeroTech Optics features the 3-9×40 with both Zeroplex and PHR3 (precision hunting) reticles.

To mount your rifle scope level, first ensure your rifle is secure. Place the scope on the mounting rings and use a scope leveling tool or a bubble level to ensure it’s perfectly horizontal before tightening. We recommend you follow the scope ring manufacturers torque settings for best fitment.

Secure Your Rifle:

Place your rifle in a stable gun vise or a similar setup where it can be held securely without movement. Ensure the rifle is oriented in a way that you can easily view the scope and the bore.

Hang the Plumb Bob:

Find a location directly in front of the rifle where you can hang the plumb bob. This could be a tripod, a ceiling hook, or any other overhead point.

Hang the plumb bob from its string, ensuring that the pointed weight at the bottom is suspended freely without touching the ground or any other objects.

Allow the plumb bob to settle and stop swinging. This will give you a perfectly vertical reference line.

Align the Rifle:

Look through the bore of the rifle (if possible) or use the rifle’s sights to align the rifle with the plumb bob’s string. The string should appear perfectly vertical and centered when viewed through the bore or sights.

Once the rifle is aligned with the plumb bob’s string, tighten the gun vise or your setup to hold the rifle in that position.

Level the Scope:

With the rifle now aligned vertically using the plumb bob, it’s time to level the scope.

Look through the scope and compare the vertical crosshair (reticle) with the plumb bob’s string. The two should be parallel.

If they’re not aligned, make adjustments to the scope’s orientation until the vertical crosshair and the plumb bob’s string are perfectly parallel.

Once aligned, tighten the scope rings to secure the scope in place.


After tightening everything down, look through the scope again and ensure that the vertical crosshair still aligns with the plumb bob’s string. If there’s any misalignment, you may need to repeat the process.


Once you’re satisfied that both the rifle and scope are perfectly vertical and aligned with the plumb bob, you can remove the rifle from the vise and proceed with any other setup or sighting-in tasks.

Using a plumb bob is a simple yet effective method to ensure your rifle and scope are perfectly level, which is crucial for accurate shooting, especially at longer distances.

The scope should be mounted as low as possible without touching the barrel or the rifle, ensuring a comfortable cheek weld and clear sight picture.

While not mandatory, having a level on your riflescope can help ensure accuracy, especially in long-range shooting where a tilted (canted) scope can significantly affect bullet impact.

While the visibility range can vary based on the quality of the optics, a 3-9×40 scope typically allows clear viewing of targets several hundred yards away. The maximum range depends on the magnification used and environmental conditions.

This indicates a scope with variable magnification that can adjust from 4x to 16x, and it has an objective lens diameter of 50mm. ZeroTech Optics features the Thrive 4-16×50 with three reticle options, Zeroplex, Mildot & PHR-II making it one of the most versatile optics in the Thrive family of optics.

For shooting at 50 yards, 4x to 6x magnification is typically sufficient. ZeroTech’s LPVO options including the Vengeance 1-6×24 are perfect for close range target acquistions.

This depends on the type of hunting. For big game in open terrains, 7x to 12x is ideal. For closer range or dense forest hunting, 3x to 7x is more suitable.

Consider your shooting needs (distance, environment), budget, desired features (like reticle type, illumination), and the quality of optics. ZeroTech prides itself in supplying optics to suit every shooting and hunting application.

Consider the game you’re hunting, the typical shooting distance, the environment, and your personal preferences in terms of reticle, magnification, and other features. ZeroTech prides itself in supplying optics to suit every shooting and hunting application.

For 100 yards, 4x to 9x magnification is typically sufficient.

For shooting at 1000 yards, a magnification of 18x to 25x is recommended, though skilled shooters can use less. We recommend the Trace and Trace Advanced riflescopes for you long range precision shooting needs.

This would be a chart detailing the recommended magnification for various shooting distances and purposes. Each ZeroTech Optic comes with a range chart (DOPE) specific to the riflescope reticle that you can enter your data into.

Consider the typical distance you’ll be shooting, the environment (open field vs. forest), and choose a scope with clear optics, a suitable reticle, and the right magnification range. ZeroTech prides itself in supplying optics to suit every shooting and hunting application.

Magnification indicates how much larger the target will appear through the scope compared to the naked eye. For instance, 4x magnification means the target will appear four times larger than when viewed without magnification.

As distance increases, higher magnification is generally needed for clear target identification and precision shooting. ZeroTech optics has a wide range of optics to suit all shooting distance applications

There are various types including fixed and variable magnification scopes, reflex sights, LPVO sights, and long range scopes. ZeroTech Optics has a wide selection of optics to suit your shooting and hunting needs.

A variable magnification scope with clear optics, a suitable reticle for hunting, and a durable build is ideal. ZeroTech Optics has a wide selection of optics to suit your shooting and hunting needs.

A scope with a magnification range of 3x to 9x or 4x to 12x is commonly recommended for deer hunting. ZeroTech Optics has a wide selection of optics to suit your shooting and hunting needs.

For 300 yards, a scope with a magnification of 6x to 12x is typically recommended.

For 1000 yards, a magnification of 18x to 25x or higher is recommended. The ZeroTech Optics Trace Advanced series of optics is designed with the long-range shooter in mind, each component of the Trace Advanced riflescope has been specifically designed to give you the best user experience to ensure you can place shot after shot with confidence.

A 1-6x LVPO (Low Power Variable Optic) is versatile and suitable for close to mid-range engagements, typically effective from zero to around 400-500 yards.

LVPO stands for Low Power Variable Optic, which offers a magnification range starting at or near 1x and can be adjusted to higher magnifications, typically up to 6x or 8x. ZeroTech Optics features the Vengeance 1-6×24 LPVO.

A 1-6x scope is versatile and can be used for close-quarters scenarios as well as mid-range target engagements

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